Mean&Mad values your need or discretion and confidentially which is why we hold your privacy in the highest regards.

The use of private info on the e-commerce platform such as your personal information, banking details, delivery address, and contact details which are required for executing orders, will be kept in the strictest confidence and under no circumstances will be divulged to third parties.

This excludes the use of your delivery address and contact details, which will be issued to the courier service provider, in order to fulfil delivery.


EFT: Your online security is of paramount importance to us. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a Pro – Forma invoice which you may then pay by means of EFT. Your order will only be released once the transaction has been confirmed as approved and is reflective in the Mean&Mad bank account. Depending on your banking merchant your payment may take effect immediately or anything between 3 to 7 working days to reflect in our account. We ask that you reference your order number on the EFT transaction in order for us to process and ship your order as efficiently as possible with the speediest turnaround time.

CREDIT CARD: Secure online payment VIA : PAYFAST